It took me 5 hours but it was worth it :)
I’m exhausted now btw haha


mr. wright



are you a guidance counselor

I certainly hope not! 

Was just trying to be polite, is all. What would you prefer to go by?

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Hello there! My name is Luna, and thank you for following me, Mr. Wright!


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Manta on Big Gota, St Johns. March 2014. (by he2015)


Manta ray by chris13 A giant manta ray flying around me.


Snorkerler and Manta Ray (Manta birostris) offshore Palm Beach, FL by Michael Patrick O’Neill


A quick pattern for the theme “Water Rays” for Make it in Design's surface design summer workshop =)


manta rays are probably my favourite creatures to swim with, the eagles of the ocean ☺️🐟🐠😍

Anonymous whispered:
Mysterious badass that im kinda scared of

First of all, thank you! Always glad to hear I’m a badass, hehehe.

Second, there was gonna be a long thing about my feelings about being mysterious/someone who kinda scares someone, but that’s a vent for another day.

Nutshelling it to A) I’m actually really hard to shut up once you get me going and B) I don’t know if you’re scared because I’m scary or if it’s on your end (and that’s alright if it is, I get nervous about talking to people at times too) but. I don’t know. I can’t say I’m never actually scary because honestly I can be, but I swear I don’t go out of my way to be intimidating or scary without some kind of reason. I used to like spooking people but I don’t even do that without cause these days.

anonymously tell me your honest opinion about me

ensanglanter replied to your post:You, Kyoko? Never would have thought it.

Now that you mention it, you would look so awesome in Kyoko’s outfit, esp with a neat looking mask.

Yeah! If I go through with it, I’ll spend forever deciding if I wanna get something that fits more in with regular Kyoko’s motif or use maybe like a mask with flames on it as sort of a nod to her witch form or something? 

ensanglanter whispered:
You, Kyoko? Never would have thought it.

Well, to be honest, I feel like Homura’s character is a little more relatable to me, and hell only knows I love purple and guns/explosives/fucking with spacetime…but, at the same time…

Kyoko and I both have huge fuckin’ appetites, we both have a thing for spears, and Kyoko’s red would look better on me than Homura’s purple, to be honest. Unless I picked a matching mask maybe? Hmm…

It’s a tough call but if I’m gonna be dressin’ up, I’d probably go with the thing that I think looks best on me aesthetically, y’know? 


Giant Manta (Manta birostris) filter feeding. Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Giant Manta Ray
(Manta birostris)
Frontal portrait of Giant Manta Ray filter feeding. These huge animals (with a wingspan of up to 7 meters) staged an incredible ballet around us, slowly flapping their wings with amazing majestuosity.
Waigeo, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. by ArturodeFrias