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This sea anemone apparently climbed a metal rod to improve its chances of snaring prey. Observed on the abyssal plain at a depth of 2660 m.

Credit: CSSF/NEPTUNE Canada

Do you ever wanna tell something that you thought was a funny story only to realize how fucking warped your sense of humor is?


if you don’t terrify people a little bit then what’s the point.



Scientists from the University of Aberdeen have had the first look at the life that thrives in one of the deepest spots in the ocean.

The expedition to the New Hebrides trench, in the Pacific, revealed cusk eels and large bright red prawns swimming together on the seabed, 7,200m (4.5 miles) below the surface. the ecology was unlike anything the marine biologists had ever seen. Was loaded with bait to lure the deep-sea creatures into view.
The 30-day expedition was conducted by the University of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand

  • Footage courtesy of Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen/BBC
  • editor’s note :(also they look so nervous and skittish)


Nebula NGC 6888 is the result of fierce winds of subatomic particles blown off by the star WR 136, a massive blue monster a quarter million times more luminous than our Sun. The nebula is the result of a previously ejected wind of material being slammed by faster matter ejected more recently.

In a few million years WR 136 will explode, sending out 
much faster material which will sweep outward and destroy the nebula as we see it now.

(Image credit: Mark Hanson; Description credit: Phil Plait)


An ultraviolet image of the Andromeda Galaxy taken by the Swift space telescope.

Garden Eel


Moray eel under the sunrays


Cute lil’ garden eel from National Geographic’s Desert Seas


These guys were the creepiest things.


Garden Eels

Garden eels are a sub family of conger eels with around 35 species in 2 genera. The small eels create burrows and poke their heads out while most of their body is hidden. They tend to live in communities and resemble a ‘garden’ growing out of the sea floor.

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From left to right…Curly, Moe & Larry